Min. 20% natural Vitamin C

Acerola is one of the richest fruits in Vitamin C worldwide. Today, cultivated in Brazil, only selected and high-quality fruits are used for the production of our Acerola Fruit Powders.

After processing the special raw material different standard qualities are obtained directly from the juice concentrate at low drying temperatures. The manufacture of our powders effects by the gentle vacuum belt-drying at our production partner’s facility in Germany. This particular method results in granular qualities which are very well soluble in water. Therefore they can be used in numerous ways.

Our fruit powders stand out due to their high contents of Vitamin C that are preserved in their natural matrix and can thus be absorbed well by the human organism. Applied as carrier substance, the organic maltodextrin is also one of the decisive factors for achieving the authentic colour and characteristic taste of our Acerola Fruit Powders.

min. 20% natural Vitamin C
Malpighia glabra (punicifolia)
conventional quality = Art.-no. A-050
certified EU organic = Art.-no. A-050 BIO

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