Data Protection Declaration
The communication of personal data on this website by you, and their use and processing, are subject to strict legal rules. The body responsible for compliance with these provisions of data protection law, particularly the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz), is the Paninkret Chem.-Pharm. Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, Friedenstraße 14, 25421 Pinneberg (hereinafter referred to as “Paninkret”). The following sections inform you about which data are collected and how they are used and protected by Paninkret.

If you have any questions about data protection please don’t hesitate to contact us, for example by email to info(at)

We reserve the right to amend this data protection declaration at any time without notification. Any amendments will be shown on the website at

1. What information do we collect?
As a general rule, a simple visit of our website does not require you to give any personal information, or information about your company. Both the IP address and general access data are saved without any reference to a specific person. This includes data such as page impressions (number of clicks on our site), date and time of access, type of protocol, access status, size and names of files accessed, the name of your internet service provider, and information on the site from which you have accessed our website.

Under certain circumstances we will ask you to give information about your person and/or your company. This particularly applies to the conclusion of any contract or to enquiries. However, data on your person will, for example, also be required if you would like to receive our newsletter. Depending on the service, this information may constitute your email address and/or the name of your company and/or your first and last name, your street, your city, your postcode, your phone number, etc.

We collect and process such personal information strictly in accordance with the statutory rules and the statements below.

2. How do we process and use your personal information?
The personal information which you provide is stored by Paninkret in a contact databank. Paninkret uses this information strictly only within its own business operations and only to implement the purpose stated upon collection, i.e. for example to implement a contract and/or deliver goods. Furthermore, data are transferred primarily to service providers for the purpose of implementing your contract with us; for example, we forward your data to the shipping company instructed to deliver, or to the instructed bank for payment processing (credit card, direct debit), and by providing your data you declare your consent to such forwarding.

Forwarding to third-party companies or organisations is not permitted without your consent. Any transfer of data is carried out exclusively within the scope of commissioned data processing, i.e. where the responsibility for the processing remains with Paninkret.

3. How can you revoke your consent?
You may revoke the consent you have given to Paninkret to have your data processed, stored and/or used at any time with effect extending to the future.

A simple message to us is enough to revoke your consent or to object. You may use the following contact information without incurring any costs other than the transfer costs under the basic tariff:

By post: Paninkret Chem.-Pharm. Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, Friedenstraße 14, 25421 Pinneberg
By email: info(at)

If you receive information from us by email (e.g. newsletter) you may also declare your objection by clicking on the link contained in each email and following the instructions.

4. How can you gain information on your data stored at Paninkret?
You have the right to be given information free of charge at any time as to whether and what personal data is stored by Paninkret about you or your company, and for what purpose they are used by us. If you have any questions please contact Paninkret at the address given above, or by email to info(at)

5. How are cookies used on this website?
Our website uses cookies. Cookies are text modules that are deposited in the cookie databank of your web browser and stored on your hard drive and are designed to enable quicker access to the web pages of Paninkretx. Cookies improve your experience of the website. We do not store personal data in these cookies but only the text module we use to identify you. If you do not want cookies to be used you can deactivate them in your browser settings. If you need more information on cookies, please contact your browser developer.

6. How can you correct and/or delete your data?
You may correct and/or delete your own data free of charge at any time using the contact details given in Section 3. These data will then only be retained to the necessary extent and only for the purposes of compliance with statutory duties of retention and to assert any claims of our own.

7. Use of so-called remarketing systems and other analysis services

Google AdWords
Our website uses Google AdWords. This is an analysis service of Google Inc. (“Google”). In the context of use, Google Adwords will place a cookie on your computer (“conversion cookie”) once you click on a Google advertisement and thereby access our website. These cookies are normally active for around 30 days. If you visit our web pages within this period Google and we will be informed of the fact that you have seen the advertisement provided by Google. The cookies are not used for personal identification of the user. As every AdWords customer is given a different cookie cookies may not be traced via the websites of AdWords customers. The information gained with the help of the conversion cookie is used to compile conversion statistics for AdWords customers. No information which allows users to be personally identified is transmitted to us in this context.

If you do not wish to participate in the tracking procedure you may reject the setting of the cookie required for the process – for example by deactivating the automatic setting of cookies in your browser settings. You may also deactivate cookies for conversion tracking by setting your browser to block cookies from the domain “”.

If you would like more extensive information on how Google processes information that has been collected through cookies, please read the Datenschutzbestimmungen (data protection policy.)